About Us

Zaccardelli Financial Services, also known as FTC Services, provides a full menu of services to our clients. We are a small firm, based in Seven Hills, Ohio that grew from a one person tax firm. Today, we aspire to be a broad, multi-functional firm with the ability and tenacity to tackle the many issue facing our clients. Zaccardelli Financial successfully combines youthful vigor with skilled industry experience to produce a superior and unique work product.

We value our close client relationships, innovative thinking, and autonomous character of a smaller firm. We work with individual taxpayers and their families, entrepreneurs, established small businesses, and start-up companies with specialized needs. A sampling of the services we offer to our business clients include: deciding on the type of entity for the business, formation of the business, raising capital, formulating and assessing strategic growth plans, and establishing the technological and financial backbone of the venture.

Our tax practice is both compliance and planning based. We will work with you and explain the tax laws as they relate to your situation. We will help you develop strategies to minimize and manage your tax liabilities. We will sit down with you and examine your financial picture and plans for your future. Finally, we offer a variety of consulting services which include assisting you with setting up and maintaining the technology of your company (servers, laptops, networks, software, etc), setting up and maintaining your bookkeeping needs (Quickbooks), and payroll services. Through continued personal attention and involvement in the activities of our clients, we have gained the in-depth understanding required to proactively address or resolve problems and plan for the future.

By choice, over a long span of time we have controlled the firm's growth to ensure that our clients will continue to have our personal attention and efforts. The firm generally chooses to add only passionate individuals to our staff with an ability to satisfy clients and a capacity for hard work, initiative, and resourcefulness.

We have served our community in a variety of ways with special involvement with the Italian-American Community and the Home Family Club of Cleveland, Ohio.

Tax Services

Individual Taxpayers

We work with an expansive and diverse client base, but our goal is always the same: to provide the highest quality service to our clients by honest communication and constant involvement.. We will prepare, review, and process your tax return for you, and through each of these steps we will communicate with you to ensure you understand and agree with our interpretation. We believe that our clients want to be involved and engaged with the preparation of their return, and we are committed to not simply plugging and chugging numbers for them. We are committed to meeting with our clients, and generally meet with everyone at least once a year. If a face to face meeting is difficult, we have the ability to meet in a virtual environment via online meetings. We work diligently to ensure our clients understand and are compliant with the complex tax laws. In addition to compliance, we are available for year end planning, alternative minimum tax analysis, foreign and multi-state tax planning, retirement planning, or just a general financial review.

Small Business Taxpayers

We believe that small businesses are the engine that drives the economy but running a business today is no easy task. A lot of our clients embody an entrepreneurial spirit, and we share that passion with them. We are available for consultation at every step during the growth of your business. If you are forming a new venture, we will discuss with you the various entities choices you have and the advantages/disadvantages of each. We will map out and analyze the tax implications resulting from the formation of a new business. As your business grows, we will be available to address your various technological requirements, including setting up servers and networks, creating websites, or implementing a document management system. We are available to assist you and answer your bookkeeping questions or review your Quickbooks accounts. We can process your payroll for you weekly, file your quarterly reports, or prepare your year ending W-2 or 1099 reporting requirements.

Payroll Services

Zaccardelli Financial offers a full complement of payroll services. We are available to process your payroll on a weekly basis, file quarterly payroll tax returns, or help you comply with year end reporting requirements. We will help you establish payroll for your company, run the payroll checks, or make the direct deposits -- saving you valuable time and alleviating painful headaches.

Please contact one of our payroll professionals to customize a solution that works for you.

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QuickBooks Consulting

QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting software for small businesses -- over 3 million users and growing. Along with your ledgers and pencils, you can put aside your end of the day bookkeeping challenges by implementing QuickBooks. Our professionals stand ready to assist you with this process.

What can we do for you?

Set Up QuickBooks and Charts of Accounts
Customized Training
Consultation and Troubleshooting
Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reviews of your QuickBooks File
Overall Organization and Staying on Track

If you rather outsource your record keeping and make tax season flow better, we will provide client specific services. Our goal is to provide our clients with more time to focus on running their businesses and allow them to better monitor where their money is going. In today's uncertain times, fast, accurate, and reliable financial information is imperative to survival. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business.